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US Marine Corps

Where you can get to know your fellow man.

The Marine HQ
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All Members , Moderated
This community is officially launched this day of September 06, 2003.

Have any stories to tell? Just want someone to talk to? Share your service ideas, questions, and comments here with your fellow man (or woman).

What we're hoping for from this community is a place where people can actually talk while on leave with others all around the world. Think of it like a giant pen pal list.

Not a marine? you don't have to be, sometimes we all just need someone to talk with, feel free to join up, we enjoy all conversation.

There are a few ground rules, please refrain from:
1. Abusing posting rights
a. Please do NOT post the same message repeatedly.
b. Please refrain from advertising products and communities.
c. Please refrain from "pride wars", we don't care about your views on weather you do in fact have a larger whatever.
2. Have fun

If you're having problems with a user, actions, or posts (including advertising) please let us know here.